The Process

Get clarity on your project

The first order of business is to ensure we are 100% clear on the nature of your project and how best to serve your needs. Our LP project estimators are more than just number crunchers, they will take the time to understand your project. They understand that there are concerns around the short and long term and will advise on proper preparation, aesthetic options and what to expect of us as the project is performed.

We need to evaluate and understand the specific requirements of your project and will provide options to you pending cost and overall aesthetic requirements. We want to ensure that your expectations and our delivery are one and the same and this stage of the project serves to accomplish that.

To learn more about our projects and how they were executed check out our Portfolio page.

The Proposal and Agreement

After we have worked with you to ensure that we have a clear picture of how your project should look we will develop a digital proposal and agreement for you. This agreement will outline what needs to be done, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Most of the clients that have been in conversation with us will have slight changes to what they would like to see and the scope of the project they want completed. We want to make sure that the clarity we established in our first stage is extended to this proposal and agreement.

Once the proposal has been approved and the agreement signed we collect your deposit and move to the scheduling and production phase.

Scheduling and Production

Our scheduling and production is critical to the overall customer experience and ultimate success of your project. We have 50+ years of project scheduling and execution experience in our young company’s leadership team and will lean on this and amazing production personnel to schedule and produce on time and with a smile.

The first two stages of the process mean that information has been shared across the client, the project management team and this information is in front of our production team before they arrive at your location and turn a wheel on the project itself.

You will be communicated with daily if not multiple times in a day to ensure that the project is meeting expectations and so there are no surprises as the project is completed.

Completion and Payment

Once our production team has completed the project we will do a careful walk through to ensure that all components of the project agreed upon have been completed.
We will ask for your comments regarding our service and execution right on site to build our on-line and portfolio presence. We will be asking permission to share on social channels and as such expect a 100% satisfaction of our clients based upon the process and execution of that process throughout the timeline of your project.