Built on Family Tradition

LP Driveways was named in remembrance of a long standing family business. LP Roofing and Siding was founded in by Leo Paul Brochu in the 1960’s in Ontario. Leo Paul’s son Christian and grandson Stephan are the founders of LP Driveways and the name was chosen to honour the legacy. The company had a proud history of providing high quality customer service, unparalleled professionalism and an entrepreneurial drive that is extended to LP Driveways today.

The core operations of RaZphalt application in Southern Alberta has been in operation since 2019. LP became a certified installer of RaZphalt and provides the expertise needed to get the most value out of this proprietary product. LP is proud to be installing a 100% recycled material that is making a significant impact on GHG emission reductions. You can feel good about using a product that has a positive impact on Canada’s overall carbon footprint. As an alternative to hot mix asphalt, an LP installation is more economical and largely reduces the environmental impact of using virgin material needed, while providing many of the qualities of asphalt. It’s a win win.